Our new collection consists of genuine BlackGlama®, Saga Furs®, Kopenhagen Fur® and Black Nafa® skins.

  • BlackGlama: Blackglama® and "What Becomes a Legend Most" are registered trademarks of the American Legend Cooperative. Blackglama® mink are sold exclusively through American Legend Auctions and are bought by the most discriminating manufacturers and design houses in the world. The prestigious Blackglama® label is awarded to only the finest North American dark ranch-raised mink available.
  • Saga Furs: Saga Furs® generates measurable business value. Consumers want a name they can trust. They want a brand that delivers an assurance of top quality and the guarantee of ethical practices behind the product. Since 1954, Saga Furs has been the most trusted brand in the fur and fashion industries.
  • Kopenhagen Fur: At the centre of the international fur trade is Kopenhagen Fur. An exclusive, well-established luxury brand as well as the largest fur auction house in the world. Owned by Danish fur breeders, Kopenhagen Fur is the leading provider of fur, recognized for its exceptional quality.
  • Black Nafa: The coveted Black NAFA label is being enhanced. The names of our premier producers will now appear under the Black NAFA name. NAFA Mink is the finest and most luxurious on the market today because of our producers who possess a depth of knowledge and expertise unparalleled in the business. The coveted Black NAFA label transformation will bring additional prestige and value to a product already known for its high quality and value.

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