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Kastoria City

Photo by Amalia Lampri

Kastoria. A place worth visiting all over the year, offers a combination of natural wonders accompanied with excellent architectural constructions.
It is said that Kastoria is one of the most beautiful, panoramic, and majestic cities of Greece which is rich in history that disappears in the depths of the centuries. Rich elements of the Byzantine culture can still be found in Kastoria, Byzantine walls and Byzantine churches, unique in the architectural aristocratic tradition bound with the modern city which constitutes as the international center of production and trade of fair products.
The beautiful physical environment which the Kastoria lake dominates composes its identity. Kastoria consists of 20.000 residents and offers tourist attractions which handles the needs of the most demanding visitor.
The soil of the region is mountainous and the climate is continental with cold winters and hot summers. According to the latest census the population of the prefecture of Kastoria comes up to 52.000 inhabitants. In the city of Kastoria, they're living more than 22.000 people.
Kastoria is located in northwestern Greece, it is capital that is connected with neighboring townships of Florina, Kozani, Grevena and the Albanian border. It can be accessed from all areas from Greece and by air from Athens. The city is built on the peninsula that enters the Orestiada lake located 623 meters above sea level, between the large mountains of Vitsi and Grammos, with a mild climate.
The lake of Kastoria is the most precious treasure of the town. It is a jewel that both the visitors and the inhabitants can enjoy, as a place of recreation and as a stimulus for romanticism and reminiscence.


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